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R10 Solar Warrior (4/27/2024)
NYPOWER 2023 (6/1/2023)
R1 Knight (1/16/2023)
Come Fly With Us! (11/9/2022)
Estes Doorknob (5/3/2022)
Odd’l Sputnik (5/3/2022)
Rainbow Bobby (5/3/2022)
Tall One (1/9/2022)
MMX BIC Pencil (1/9/2022)
ASP Aerobee 100 JR (10/4/2021)
Bumblebee (8/24/2021)
Stretch Stubby (8/24/2021)
Museum of Flight (7/16/2021)
Water Rocket (7/10/2021)
R5a MX Hawkeye (6/4/2021)
Ignition! R2 (5/11/2021)
Micro Corporal (3/31/2021)
R4 and R6 (3/15/2021)
R3 (3/8/2021)
R1 (3/8/2021)
SS Enterprise (2/18/2021)

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Terrain Gallery

Derelict Depot (8/11/2017)
Medea Refinery (6/8/2016)

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Hey Now Hǎidào (11/17/2022)
Sandburners (5/31/2022)
Cube Jäger (12/12/2020)
Mercenaries (10/12/2020)
Wardriver (6/19/2020)
Scarface Turner (6/17/2020)
Ghulams (5/29/2020)
Hassassin Ragik (5/15/2020)
USAriadna Starter (5/4/2020)
Druze Shock Team (4/23/2020)
Kill Team Garreth (9/5/2018)
Night Scythes (12/21/2014)
Zahndrekh & Overlord (12/19/2014)
40k: Scouts! (6/10/2014)

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Reviews: Games, Books, Movies, TV, Music


Arcane (Season 1) (1/16/2022)
The King (11/16/2019)
Betrayer (11/3/2013)


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airbrushing-croppedtjkopena does many things: Research and development in computer science; cycling, running, backpacking, and other outdoors activities; and dabbling in game design. Mostly he plays games with the Philadelphia Area Gaming Enthusiasts at Redcap’s Corner and other Delaware Valley locations.

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