Kill Team Garreth

In the week or so before NOVA I actually painted 26 infantry models, 6 bunkers, some ~50 tank trap and ripline segments, and a few other bits. Here’s one set: Kill Team Garreth, on special dispatch from the 5th Company of the Kingbreakers Space Marines.

This, finally, is the miniatures debut of the Kingbreakers’ 5th Company color scheme, as initially previewed in their codex some time ago. It’s immensely faster to paint than the multiple colors of the 4th Company. Only complication here was that I used some artists’ spray paint¬†with which I hadn’t properly experimented. It formed a really hard shell that the brush paint didn’t always adhere to very well. The upside was that helped keep a lot of it very clean, stray brushes didn’t really take. The downside was that it took several more thin coats than usual. I was hoping the wash would also mostly roll off the beige surfaces for a somewhat cleaner look than usual, but no dice. The shoulder insignias are from my dwindling set of homemade Kingbreakers decals.

All in all I’m happy with how this group came out, it seems to photograph well, and I look forward to hopefully keeping this painting streak going and doing more of the 5th Company Kingbreakers in the near future.


Colors for posterity, after somebody asked—

These models are spray primed flat black w/ cheap hardware store paint, and spray based with Montana Gold Duck Season. The latter was an experiment that wound up being a tradeoff: Acrylics don’t seem to adhere easily to it, so it takes extra coats to paint everything else. But it doesn’t really catch stray strokes either, so the model tends to stay cleaner.

The green base is Privateer Press Ordic Olive with some Goblin Green drybrushing on the chest aquilas (a light green; I’d go a touch darker in the future).

The guns are black base w/ Codex Grey drybrushing (a medium gray).

Guns get washed with Nuln Oil, bare heads with Reikland Fleshshade, everything else with Agrax Earthshade.

Bases are Stirland Mud (Stirland Battlemire now), a dark brown & gritty technical, with some dark green foliage on top, that also all gets washed with Agrax Earthshade.