Zahndrekh & Overlord

Continuing the Kingbreakers’ unspeakable support of the Maynarkh Dynasty, two more for Lovell’s Necrons: An Overlord with Resurrection Orb & Nemesor Zahndrekh.



These guys are done up to match the Lords and Doom Scythes I did for Lovell previously. The silver metal is Leadbelcher drybrushed with Mithril Silver and washed with Nuln Oil. The gold parts are a Brass Scorpion base heavily drybrushed with Burnished Gold, drybrushed again with Mithril Silver, and washed with Nuln Oil. The red is the old Mechrite Red base paint washed with the new Carroburg Crimson wash. The green components are Goblin Green with some Sunburst Yellow picked out, washed with Athonian Camoshade and again with Waywatcher Green liberally on the piece and surroundings. Definitely still trying to work toward a more glowing look, but it’s fine as-is.