Night Scythes

Recent from the forges of Kimball Prime: Air cav for the Maynarkh!


I finally finished up these Night Scythes for Lovell’s Maynarkh Dynasty. The scheme is intended to complement the Doom Scythes I did earlier but ensure that the two are easily differentiable across an Apocalypse table. You gotta know if he’s comin’ in blasting or dropping troops off on your base!

scythe2 scythe3 scythe1

Unlike the other Necron I’ve done to date, these were spray primed in silver, a substantial shortcut. The wing and other metal highlights are Brass Scorpion, with all the metal washed in Nuln Oil. “Glowing” bits are based in some ancient Goblin Green, appropriately enough actually still left over from a couple Space Marine starter boxes Lovell gave me many years ago. They’ve then been washed in Athonian Camoshade to darken the depths a bit, particularly on the wing sides and guns. Finally they’re shaded with Waywatcher Green, making sure to splash that out and around to create a bit of  a glowing effect.

I’m particularly happy with the main hull, particularly in photographs. It’s a couple coats of Midnight Blue, edged with Codex Grey, washed with Nuln Oil, and then multiple washes of Drakenhof Nightshade. It’s basically an approach to making something like Necron Abyss, giving it a deep dark black blue that I think has more body and color than just doing black and remains menacing looking in the dark but shines nicely in brighter lighting.






The bases are simple but also came out well. They stick to the mechanical wasteland theme of the units I’ve done for Lovell, which also fits in well with the Kingbreakers’ typical wasteland basing. The dead Marine was going to be done as a Blood Angel to match the recent official Necron-Blood Angels best friends fluff but I’ve got a bunch of yellow paints I’m not using quickly and no unopened bright reds.

base1 base2 base3

All in all I’m pretty pumped about these. Next up is the Night Shroud Bomber!