Lone Guard Ranger, Sabertooth, Infiltrator

An Infiltrator, Ranger, and Sabertooth companion for The Lone Guard:

Take the oath…

Make a stand.

All started spray primed with Wraithbone.


  • Cloak—
    • Interior:
      • Black Templar [Contrast]
      • Heavily drybrushed with Nighthaunt Gloom [Contrast]
    • Exterior:
      • Nighthaunt Gloom [Contrast]
      • Recesses shaded with Black Templar [Contrast]
  • Mask, booties, satchels: Black Templar [Contrast] drybrushed heavily with Skavenblight Dinge
  • Pants: Space Wolves Grey [Contrast]
  • Skin: Multiple layers of Darkoath Flesh [Contrast]


  • Cloak—
    • Interior: Militarum Green [Contrast]
    • Exterior: Gutrippa Green [Contrast]
    • Recesses washed with Athonian Camoshade [Shade]
  • Pants: Basilicanum Grey [Contrast]
  • Greaves: Snakebite Leather [Contrast], repeated application on buckles
  • Shoes: Skeleton Horde [Contrast], outlined with Snakebite Leather [Contrast]
  • Skin: Gulliman Flesh [Contrast]


  • Body: Agarros Dunes [Contrast]
  • Mane—
    • Gryph-hound Orange [Contrast]
    • Washed with Gor-Grunta Fur [Contrast]
  • Neck, ears, tail: Gor-Grunta Fur [Contrast]
  • Eyes—
    • Wraithbone
    • Gold
    • Tesseract Glow [Technical]
  • Face—
    • Skeleton Horde [Contrast]
    • Inside jaw: Volupus Pink [Contrast]
    • Fangs:
      • Skeleton Horde [Contrast]
      • Wraithbone drybrush
      • White (Vallejo) drybrush
  • Paws: Wraithbone drybrush

General metal elements:

  • Black Legion [Contrast]
  • Silver heavy drybrush
  • Wash:
    • Ratling Grime [Contrast] for silver
    • Garaghak’s Sewer [Contrast] for bronze

Ranger’s tactical rock:

  • Skavenblight Dinge
  • Astrogranite [Technical]
  • Agrax Earthshade [Shade] coat
  • Agrax Earthshade [Shade] recesses


  • Wyldwood [Contrast]
  • Stirland Mud [Technical]
  • Flat Earth drybrush
  • Averland Sunset drybrush
  • German Camouflage Black Brown (Vallejo) rims


Hey Now Hǎidào

More test models for my Yu Jing Infinity army, a Ninja with Tactical Bow and Hǎidào Killer Hacker with Boarding Shotgun—

Subtle the State Empire is not.



  1. Wraithbone spray prime
  2. Dark clothes:
    1. Shyish Purple Contrast
    2. Xereus Purple heavy drybrush
  3. Magos Purple Contrast for armor
  4. Volupus Pink Contrast for red details (sword wrap, arrow feathers)
  5. Eye sensors:
    1. Wraithbone base
    2. Tesseract Glow Technical in sensor ports
    3. Tesseract Glow Technical drybrush around ports


  1. Black spray prime
  2. Dark Purple semi-zenithal spray base
  3. Light Purple/Pink zenithal spray layer
  4. Xereus Purple drybrush dark details, e.g., joints, chainmail, gloves
  5. Druchii Violet wash on lines, recessed areas, undercuts, detail patchwork
  6. Mask:
    1. Wraithbone base
    2. Tesseract Glow Technical base on mask itself
    3. Tesseract Glow Technical drybrush all around mask


  1. Wraithbone base
  2. Black Templar Contrast
  3. Dark Grey heavy drybrush
  4. Agrax Earthshade wash
  5. Skavenblight Dinge edging on rock fractures
  6. Decorative Line details (i.e., on Ninja):
    1. Wraithbone base
    2. Apothecary White Contrast
  7. Rim:
    1. Xereus Purple base
    2. Black front arc