Rocket Kids (Oct 2022)

Alice invited a couple friends to come launch rockets with us yesterday. And then she insisted they all get to build their own rockets. And then it turned out the friends had invited friends. And then some siblings came along too. So in the end we had 8 kids from 2yo to ~8yo playing with rockets, plus some spectators drawn from the adjacent playground. Within almost exactly two hours rolling in to rolling out: 6 micro-rocket kits got built, markered & stickered; we did at least 19 launches of those and some other MMX models; and then blasted off a few larger odd-rocs to cap off the day. Quite the hive of activity! I’ve always understood it, but I have a newfound love for the launch control safety key, which ensured I came home with both my eyes… Fortunately my brother was watching like a hawk to grab it any time I forgot before going to load another rocket onto the pad.

Little engineers getting down to work on their rockets.

Applying some highly technical finishing touches with permanent markers.