Obyron, Lord of Hugs

I finally finished the last of Lovell’s models that the Kingbreakers had captured—Vargard Obyron, Lord of Hugs:

obyron obyron-back

Nothing too fancy here.  The overall style is to match the Overlords I did for Lovell some time back, but to have more of an “enforcer” feel. I really like the Necron fluff overall, but Obyron has a particular bit of pathos to him. From GW’s sales writeup:

Vargard Obyron is aide and protector of Nemesor Zahndrekh, and has stood steadfast as his side from their very first campaign. Unlike his master, Obyron is very much aware of the changes wrought upon their existence, but has long since abandoned any attempt to awaken Zahndrekh to reality. So, like any dedicated servant, Obyron attends to all the loose ends created by Zahndrekh’s eccentricities, chief of which are seeing to it that ‘honoured’ prisoners of war are ‘killed whilst trying to escape’, and that upstart Lords of the Royal Court are either silenced or disposed of.

Obyron’s a good model rules-wise and sees a lot of play, so I expect to be frustrated by this guy teleporting a whole bunch of his fellow automatons safely out of a critical combat at some point in the near future…

Unrelated in theme but related in my continuing quest to finish all the loose models wandering around my painting table, you can never have enough tactical sergeants:


This guy’s been on the painting table for a long time, been through several repaints, etc., so the helmet in particular lost a lot of detail. But I really like the pose, particularly from the back where the lean is accentuated by the angle of the prayer sticks and whatnot. Too often all the various bits on 40k multi-part models don’t really make sense with how the model is ostensibly moving.

Necron Night Shroud Bomber

Heading into last week’s narrative event I finally finished painting Lovell’s Necron Night Shroud Bomber after having it for more than two years, with occasional half-painted appearances in the interim:


Overall I’m happy with how this came out. It’s suitably ominous and menacing with the black body.A lot of coats of thin black and a wash went into that nice, smooth shell. The basic scheme and grungy wings fit well with the Doom Scythes and Night Scythes I did previously.

Unfortunately, that’s pretty much the only picture of it I got. I had promised him I’d have it ready for our February event and I made that happen, but just barely. I put on one last wash, drove to Redcap’s to let it dry, hopped out of my car, gave the Bomber a solid spray of dull coat right there on the sidewalk, marched in to present it to Lovell… and told him to not let anybody touch it for ten minutes until the paint dried. Just in time delivery!