Redcap’s Relicblade 2023 Winter Campaign: Day 2

Well, well, well, we meet again…

As dark forces march in the shadows, guesses at their ill intent susurrate across the wilderness. They’ve come for a legend, a power they believe to be within their grasp. But the full path to it remains lost in time, and what is known is daunting. What need be done to capture their ambition can no longer execute in secret. So they have come, in fire and in blood, to take secrets by force and gather tools by might. Already the frontier keens with the opening strikes of their campaign—barrows overturned, springs spoiled with offal, and villages ravaged as the Adversary gathers the implements of their quest…

La’ra has an argument with the local Dark Watcher pig commander.

Pigs and Moldorf go at it in a mountain spring.

Lady Aurelia fights a Shimerae (playing as a Basilisk).

Five players on hand for the second round of our mini-campaign, with seven engaged so far. Although the Advocates picked up a win in a first round catch-up game over the weekend, on Monday the Adversary continued to build momentum. The mission was a search for a magical weapon deemed necessary toward the Adversary’s greater agenda. Three markers were placed in each game, which then revealed as either a trap, treasure, or the desired demi-relic. Despite some infighting between pigs and lizards at the barrows—how we dealt w/ the odd number of players—the Adversaries walked away with the prize across the board.

“Why, why are we Adversary fighting amongst ourselves?!”

“This pig smashes that dwarf.”

Mountain spring rife with hidden treasure.

Village square.

For my part, the Lone Guard fought to defend a small village from being ransacked. Unfortunately the Iguan attackers were only a shield for the legendary thief and rogue La’ra to do her work. With the Lone Guard mostly embattled with a Basilisk in the village square, she managed to find the item and then flee wildly across the rooftops, despite being harried by a Ranger from below and his Sabertooth companion above. As she receded into the distance and the Iguan slipped away, the Lone Guard turned grimly to assess their casualties.

Entrance to the long abandoned funeral grounds.

An Iguan Witch and Lone Guard Infiltrator throw mindbolts and daggers back and forth at each other down an alley.

A Pig Warlord smashes an Iguan Witch atop a barrow.

Pigs and lizards mix it up.

The Lone Guard’s cat buddy catches up to La’ra but isn’t able to bring her to ground.

The Dark Watcher stands triumphant.

Alas, poor Raider Pig, whose injuries proved too grievous and his value not worth the Adversary’s influence…