First Rocket Launch

A while ago my mom unearthed a box of ~30 year old model rocket stuff. Continuing Alice’s current rocket kick, this weekend we assembled one of the intact kits, she painted it, and we launched it. As a true introduction to model rocketry, we went through several sets of batteries (including Pop-Pop running home to get more) until we found a strong enough batch for the finicky/inefficient controller; multiple igniters failed to ignite (you had one job!); the wind changed while we were futzing with batteries so the rocket drifted off-field, landed in a parking lot, and broke a fin; and then we had to leave anyway so Alice could use the bathroom. All in all… a semi-successful first flight.

Much thought and planning went into the painting of the rocket.

Executing the painting assembly line.

Ready to launch!

Successful recovery.