So Much Old School

Yet more from cleaning up the personal way-back-machine: The official WinAmp skin!

Whippin’ the llama!

WhiteStar put together the Shafted logo and site design and I turned it into an accompanying WinAmp skin.  Pretty sure I did the graphics manipulation in CorelDraw.

That’s basically as old school as you can possibly get: CorelDraw.  WinAmp.  Original Quake.  Blogs before anybody was calling it blogging.  Back then people were throwing around “e/n site” which in the context that became “blogging” simultaneously meant both “entertainment and news” and “everything and nothing.”  We were all too young for it to hold together, but it was pretty great in its teenage/twenty-something drama filled way.

For the record, I can never keep straight if it’s Nickelback or NickelCreek or both that everyone hates these days.  Either way, Leader of Men remains a fantastic song.