Redcap’s Relicblade 2023 Winter Campaign: Day 1

Gang’s all here!

Battle Pigs poured forth from their stronghold in multitudes, advised by a Dark Watcher and rallying a Wretched Hive encampment to their mischief. The darkness spreading over the land alerted outposts of the Lone Guard and Pirate Council, as well as a detachment of the Moldorf Expedition. Valiant Lone Guard staunchly held a creaky bridge long enough to light a signal fire emplaced among nearby ruins. But the hopes of the Advocates to alert the whole valley were dashed, literally, by a Battle Pig—no less nimble than bold—majestically leaping across a chasm, smashing and scattering a signal fire and its defenders the very moment the beacon was about to be lit. Meanwhile, the Dark Watcher strode forth calmly behind a wall of Pig bodyguards, simply ignoring the forest of arrows piercing it, and lit its own ominous beacon of dark energies…

A Lone Guard Infiltrator sneaks past the Battle Pigs bodyguards to attack the Dark Watcher!

Our debut Relicblade campaign launched last night with six players:

  • Advocate
    Brett – Pirate Council (Pathfinder minis playing as a mix of characters)
    Joe – Lone Guard
    Tom – Moldorf Expedition
  • Adversary
    Jake – Wretched Hive
    Jesse – Battle Pigs + Bones & Darkness
    Mike – Battle Pigs

After working out initial campaign rosters we each got in two games, switching opponents. All games used the Signal Fire scenario with some extra treasure available. Advocates attempted to light beacons in the first set of games and Adversary in the second. Adversary went 2-1-0 in the first set of three games and 1-0-2 in the second set (the draws were called for time), solidly claiming the night.

Double checking roster tabulations.

For my part, after defending the bridge to a beacon long enough for it to be lit, Lady Aurelia was severely disheartened by the Adversary’s successes and visibly diminished in spirit (loses Heroic Recovery trait). Her Lone Guard compatriots’ sabertooth companion also came out of the night’s action with a severely wounded paw (-1 damage on strongest attack).

Lady Aurelia and cat buddy block a bridge against a Basilisk and Iguan Witch.

The Pirate Council asks for some rules assistance in its fight against the Wretched Hive…

Wretched Hive and Pirate Council dance around each other among some ruins.

An Iguan Poacher slinks among the exposed foundations.

Battle Pigs deploy to fight the Moldorf Expedition.

Steadfast to the last, a Lone Guard Warrior is overwhelmed within grasp of an unlit signal fire.