Hopefully the recommendation is not that useful for much longer, but Cartographers is a great boardgame that also works well for remote play.

It’s mechanically simple and fun (you draw stuff!), with only a very small amount of direct player-on-player conflict, so it’s accessible to more casual and non-gamer friends. But it has a lot of planning, rough probability estimations, etc. for players that want to get more serious.

Everybody does their turn simultaneously so it can scale up to a large number of players—the game’s officially listed for 1 to 99 players… I’d say up to eight players remote over a telecon or such is very feasible, more in face-to-face.

There are some virtual implementations around, but you can easily play over a telecon with a single copy of the box and sending a PDF of the map board (there’s an official one and others) to everybody to print out for themselves. I’ve played remotely in a couple different fashions and the latter was actually easier than the virtual implementations.