Relicblade 2-on-1

Tried something a little different in our Relicblade game last night, a large 2-on-1: 200pts of Lone Guard against 2x100pts of Wretched Hive. Seven beacons placed around a 2×4 board. Activate for a round & score a point on a 5+. Deployment within 4″ of table corners and the long edge midpoints.

This worked pretty well, but we over-thought the activation rules. Of course a sequence like Lizard player A, Lizard player B, Guard player wouldn’t work well. So we went back and forth between the three players, i.e., Lizard player A, Guard player, Lizard player B, Guard player, Lizard player A, and repeat. This is ok, and ensures every human gets to do something in a reasonable amount of time. But it gives the solitary player a tactical advantage to sequencing activations in multi-character fights, e.g., to hit Lizard player A’s character twice while they can’t respond because it’s Lizard player B’s turn. So it’d be better to just play Lizards, Guard, Lizards, Guard, etc, and let the team activate in whatever order they want.

Separately, Pigs and Aug-Suul had a flash mob dance party on the temple steps…