MDRA October 2021

Alice, Brett, and I went down to the Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association (MDRA) launch this past Sunday. She would like everyone to know that she TOLD me we would never see this Estes Delta Clipper again if we launched it (essentially minimum diameter two stage D12s), and she was RIGHT. This is another ~30-year old kit preserved in my mom & dad’s basement. Beautiful flight, did retrieve the booster, but the rest of it is presumed to be in orbit after nobody at the launch managed to keep eyes on the sustainer. Serious debate among our little flight crew regarding whether or not it should have been painted to make it easier to see, or if it wasn’t worth painting because we were almost certainly going to lose it anyway.

Video by Brett.

But do you know what Alice was sure would be really really fun? Tangling up all the micro-rockets with her new friend met at the launch while Dad was elsewhere and Brett was… instigating or encouraging or standing aside. Reports are inconsistent. Either way, again Alice was right. It was super fun to tangle up all the rockets.