Assault Terminators

Another group of hardened Kingbreakers veterans that finally got painted in the run-up to this year’s Apocalypse:

terminators-frontI’ve had these guys since my first tournament, way back at the start of 5th edition. I clearly remember dropping them down directly in front of a board-spanning horde of Orks and the TO standing nearby looking at me like “WTF are you doing?!” For a long time they were just primed, then for a long time the primary colors had a coat of paint, and then that Friday evening right before the Apocalypse they got finished.






These guys have also been victims of a can of Krylon matte coat that’s much shinier than I expected. Thinking back, I believe some of my earliest guys were also done with Krylon and are shinier than my others. Colin’s Blood Angels are also done with Krylon I believe and came out shinier than expected, though it works amazing for his style. I am probably going to give the can away and switch back to Army Painter.

Beyond that though I’m pretty happy with how they turned out. The bases are a different style for Kingbreakers, going with more of a rubble theme than the usual wasteland. Partly that was an attempt to build up their bulk and height. To me it also references a cool image of these guys swinging and smashing their way through buildings, bulkheads, whatever it takes. I’m most happy with the posing on the lead three guys, the sarge and buddy blocking an incoming blow while a third swings away. Terminators all too often look super static, but those guys have some motion and story to them.





For a long while these guys had sat out in actual games in favor of more bodies and higher mobility.What I’d really love for them to do is block for my Knight as it moves forward, but they don’t move nearly fast enough to keep up. Recently though I’ve been bringing them back onto the table to be a hard wall in front of my backfield, keeping out monsters that would otherwise munch through my guys in close combat. Most recently this unit held up several Greater Daemons and a pack of Screamers for literally the entire Apocalypse match, definitely worth the points.