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Gold Leader at One Year

goldleader-iconAccording to our Google Analytics tracking, almost exactly thirteen months after launch, Gold Leader has had just under 250,000 “unique” players. An additional ~20,000 launched the game but did not actually play at all. The game has actually been played just over 414,000 times, which is incredible! Less than 12,000 players have actually beat the entire game though, a stunning indictment of the previous conception around here of what constitutes a “hard” game, even keeping in mind that the vast vast majority don’t complete due to lack of interest. Even now, buried deep in the charts on every site,  Gold Leader is still bringing in a steady ~3000 unique views a month, almost overwhelmingly from China, with a fair amount from Romania as well.  Give it a try!

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Gold Leader at One Month

goldleader-iconOne month after launch, Gold Leader has achieved 114,000 views with 168,000 plays.  Largely driven by Chinese game portals, plays have stabilized at just under 4,000 hits per day.  A more detailed breakdown on demographics and other notes are available here, and make sure to give it a shot!

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Gold Leader Hits 50,000 Players

Two weeks after launch, Gold Leader has been played 76,000 times by 51,000 “unique” players!  Some other stats:

  • 6,500- have passed the first objective, the Sensor Grid.
  • 4,400- have overcome the Interceptors and Assault Command.
  • 3,700+ have destroyed the Minefield.
  • 3,200+ people have conquered the Command Group and beat the narrative game!
  • Practically no one has completed a perfect mission (no player deaths)…

Thanks to everybody out there that’s played so far, and to our sponsors at GameShed!  If you haven’t already, wake up and give it a shot—you’re our last hope, Gold Leader!


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Gold Leader Released!

Our latest game, Gold Leader, has been sponsored and published on GameShed!


Go give it a shot right now!

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Gold Leader Up for Bidding!

Our newest game, Gold Leader, is up for bidding on FGL!  We encourage all sponsors and portals to check it out.  For the potential players out there, we hope it’ll be picked up and publicly released by sometime in November.

Gold Leader is a traditional pixel art space shoot ’em up, kept lean and simple for players looking to just dive in for a couple minutes now and then and blast things in their spaceship.  More details here!

Portals, contact us if you’re interested in testing and/or sponsoring Gold Leader!

Gold Leader title screen.

Gold Leader screenshot, Mission Objective 4: Mine Layers.


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