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RocketHaxe Initial Release & Demo Game!

RocketHaxeWhat’s essentially RocketHaxe version 1.0 has been released!  All of the up-to-date code is available in the Google Code project.  It’s completely free to use for commercial and other purposes under the MIT license.

A simple demo game whipped up in pretty short order is included in the distribution and live on the RocketHaxe page on this site.  The game is very simple in order to be decipherable, but there’s actually a pretty solid amount of game-producing features in the library already.  A bigger example to come when Gold Leader is released!


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New Beginnings

As previous viewers can tell immediately, the Rocketship Games website and blog have undergone some serious changes.  Most of the old blog contents will eventually come back up in a new personal blog for tjkopena, though a good chunk was lost by our previous web host.  The boardgame reviews that were previously on the main site will also move there or elsewhere.

Beyond that, there are some new and exciting items on the main pages.  Long story short, we have some exciting new stuff coming out—details soon!

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