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Beta Station!

After a long, long development process, Rocketship Games is happy to announce a new boardgame release:

Beta Station

Beta Station is a casual sci-fi exploration dungeon crawl shoot-em-up by Daryl Falco and Joe Kopena.  Two to five players take turns constructing a derelict space station and then exploring to find the treasures therein while fighting off monsters and the other players.  It features a novel map construction mechanic that introduces an element of strategy to exploration usually lost in the “flip-a-tile” mechanic used by most dungeon crawl games.

The Beta Station prototype is now available as a freely downloadable print & play game; follow the link to build your own!


Beta Station will always be available as a free print & play game, but we are pursuing production options and a possible Kickstarter for later this year to publish a more polished edition.  Contact us if you would be interested in supporting that!

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