RECON+ Updates

Since its initial public release and the prior test tournaments, our RECON+ packet for Infinity firefights has now been through two well attended local tournaments (12+ players) covering all of the missions, as well as many many practice games within our community. A lot of great comments and suggestions have been generated. The packet has now been updated to reflect changes in Season 9 of ITS and address many of the points brought up:

  • Made the restriction on multi-wound models include all models with multiple profiles, i.e., now explicitly including Transmutation.
  • Limited Mercenaries extra to 37pts and .5 SWC additional cost to be in line with ITS9 Soldier of Fortune event option, but with a carve out for any single selection, to permit the mercenary TAGs.
  • ITS Season 9 updates: No nullifying Orders since all RECON+ lists fall under the Reduced Combat Groups rule, and TAGs have Fatality L1.
  • Dispersion is reduced to a fixed 8″.
  • Reworded Secure HVT to eliminate some ambiguity.
  • Reworded Antenna/Console hacking as “connect” rather than “control.”
  • Reworded Datacube possession as “hold” rather than “control.”
  • Clarified Sweep & Clear that the Consoles must be connected and have a model in contact to contribute toward domination.
  • Tech-Coffins moved 2″ farther apart in Smash & Grab.
  • Multiple updates to Exfiltrate:
    • Added note that it is a challenging, low scoring mission;
    • There is now only 1 decoy;
    • The 4″ buffer on Civilians is relative only to your own Civilians;
    • You may Discover your Civilians to secretly look at their status;
    • You may expend a Command Token to reroll a failed interrogation.

Many thanks to everybody involved in the ongoing discussion on how to improve this mission packet. Comments and suggestions are always welcome!

Download RECON+ for free here!

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