Late Week Papercrafts

Quick but super accurate proxies for a practice game yesterday:


Campaign recruitment center to put up at tomorrow’s Berks Spring Assault:


Sadly the paper Centurions accomplished absolutely nothing before being immediately Mind Warred to death, and were immediately retired in hopes that plastic space dollies might resist Eldar trickery better…

Thursday Necrons

Last night Lovell and I got in an 1850 point round of 40k, Kingbreakers versus Necrons, straight up basic Annihilation.  I think this was the first game I’ve won against Necrons since the new book came out, and it was looking iffy until somewhere around turn five of a six turn game. Notably to that end, he was not using the Decurion formation (and its global 4+ Feel No Pain); I believe it does not permit him his beloved Destroyers.








Lean Canvas Template

Recently for actual work we’ve been doing some planning using the Lean Canvas worksheet.  For what it’s worth, our blank template is up in SVG (original source) and PDF form. Although there’s a bunch of such sheets around, many of them either have slight variations on the structure, don’t have margins and thus are less directly printable, and so on. These are essentially direct drawings of Ash Maurya’s worksheets in Running Lean, which were licensed under CC Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 terms. Feel free to do whatever you want with these files under the same license.