SS Enterprise

Continuing our current rocket kick, this past weekend my daughter and I were planning on attending our first organized model rocket launch (with PARA520). The weather however scrubbed that event. So instead we capitalized on a day indoors waiting out intermittent sleet and then a day with solid sledding conditions with the construction and inaugural launch(es) of the Space Sled Enterprise, Alice Miranda captain. The design and construction are from scratch, caveat we downloaded a few of the graphics. It’s all scrap wood and upcycled shipping boxes, held together by heavy staples, packing tape, and Makedo corrugated cardboard screws, with some duct tape on the runners. Launch site is the public golf course down the street. The ship fits perfectly, glides fast, and tracks true. The only thing missing is a tow hook for the ground support crew to pull it back up the hill…





First Rocket Launch

A while ago my mom unearthed a box of ~30 year old model rocket stuff. Continuing Alice’s current rocket kick, this weekend we assembled one of the intact kits, she painted it, and we launched it. As a true introduction to model rocketry, we went through several sets of batteries (including Pop-Pop running home to get more) until we found a strong enough batch for the finicky/inefficient controller; multiple igniters failed to ignite (you had one job!); the wind changed while we were futzing with batteries so the rocket drifted off-field, landed in a parking lot, and broke a fin; and then we had to leave anyway so Alice could use the bathroom. All in all… a semi-successful first flight.

Much thought and planning went into the painting of the rocket.

Executing the painting assembly line.

Ready to launch!

Successful recovery.

Stuffy Rocket

My daughter has been on a rocket kick lately. She’s been asking about building a rocket “big enough for my stuffies” and apparently discussing plans with her classmates. So we built one out of cardboard. Design is from scratch, winging it as we went, using all upcycled materials except for some tape and Makedo corrugated cardboard screws.

Very serious design plans.

Building the hull.

Fabricating the instrument panel.

Outfitting the cockpit.

Prepping the main cabin for takeoff.

Captain Slothbear successfully lands the first flight.